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Entalpia Europe is an exclusive distributor of the WIPCOOL brand at the Italian market. We also deliver WIPCOOL products to Poland and to our other locations.

The WIPCOOL brand was established in 2011. It has a wide portfolio of products, including condensate pumps, air conditioning cleaning devices, vacuum pumps and numerous tools necessary in refrigeration during service works.

The company focuses strongly on maintaining the highest standards. Thanks to the consistency and control system WIPOOL provides high quality products.


WIPCOOL is a global leader in condensate pumps field. The company has extensive experience in the use of products and innovative technological solutions. WIPCOOL portfolio integrates many areas, providing users with comprehensive products and services in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration.

WIPCOOL has developed reliable, proprietary tools to help customers operate with refrigeration air conditioning, including condensate pumps and air conditioning cleaning devices from the “Pioneer Series”, series dedicated to air conditioning maintenance and cleaning under the common name of the “Compact Series” group and a line for vacuum pumps “Fast Series” and “Robust Series” refrigeration oil charging pumps.

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Air conditioning condensate pump is an ideal new type of high efficient pump to remove condensate water from air conditioning. The model produced by WIPCOOL differ significantly from traditional solutions. It is widely used in house hold wall-mounted A/C units, multiple central conditioners and commercial refrigeration equipment, dehumidification equipment and other large and medium-sized refrigeration systems.

Air conditioning condensate pump has the characteristics of high discharge head, high flow rate, low noise and maintain, horizontal drain at the entrance and hassle-free maintenance. Due to its flexibility, it can be freely used with all types of air conditioning systems. The system is easy to install and maintain, it can withstand the most demanding operating conditions.


Due to the special structure are working principle, the waste gas, dust fiber and other substances produced by the air conditioner in the operation process are firmly assembled in the fin of the evaporator and the dust-proof net of the indoor air conditioner.

The “Compact Series” cleaning pump has solved the problem. It has corresponding conformity products for both indoor and outdoor cleaning operation, pressure range from 2 BAR to 25 BAR can provide AC or lithium battery power supply to meet the cleaning requirements of different occasions.

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WIPCOOL Elite series refrigeration maintenance tools adopt the latest engineering application technology and the latest industrial design concept to help users finish the refrigeration maintenance work more efficiently.


Refrigeration oil plays an important role in refrigeration compression transportation. The correct use and timely replacement of refrigeration oil will have a great impact on the service life and refrigeration effect of the compressor. With WIPCOOL you can be sure that your devices are cared for properly.

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