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Ventilation and accessories

Entalpia Europe is a producer and distributor of solutions for the HVAC industry. Our offer includes proven ventilation devices including insulated flexible ducts, fittings, supply valves, exhaust valves, diffusers, intakes, exhausts, clamps, extractors, inspection hatches, diffusers, grilles and a entire group of other elements of ventilation systems.

Entalpia Europe is constantly expanding its portfolio with new products and brands. We are extremely proud of our proprietary solutions and production process at our production plant in Sieradz. Especially when the solutions we offer are so much in line with our Customers’ current needs.

In the area of ventilation, an example of such a product is certainly – formed by deep drawing and then resistance-welded bends made of flexible galvanized sheet DX53 Z275, intended for indoor ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Entalpia Europe pressed elbows are made of hot-dip galvanized steel: DX53D + Z275, EN10142. The surface finish is Z275 class, that is 275g / m² on both sides. Thanks to this solution, the galvanized sheet has a high corrosion resistance. The product has a life cycle of over 25 years. The finishing of the product includes rubber seals. The rubber seals are made of EPDM rubber with the “F” type profile. The material from which it is made is highly resistant to ozone and UV light. In terms of tensile strength, elongation at break and anti-aging indicator, it performs better than conventional gaskets.

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