pompka skroplin wipcool
Model 0m 2m 4m 6m 8m 10m
P16 22 18 16 14 10 6
P32 36 28 24 20 18 12
pompka skroplin wipcool



Reliable and durable The WIPCOOL P16 condensate pump with exceptional performance is designed for use in air conditioning systems. It is used to pump out water from the drip tray. It is characterized by quiet operation. It has a safety switch and a super-light design that meets the requirements of many applications. It is safe to use and the external device is resistant to moisture.

It is widely used in household wall-mounted units, multiple central air conditioners and commercial refrigeration equipment, dehumidification equipment and other large and medium-size refrigeration systems.

Air conditioning condensate pump has the characteristics of high discharge head, high flow rate, low noise and horizontal output drainage. It is specially designed for all kinds of air conditioning system, easy to install and maintain, can meet all kinds of operating conditions.

Condensate pumps should be used in installations where it is not possible to run pipes with a slope and it is not possible to drain the condensate by gravity, as well as in places where the aspect of quiet operation of the device is important.

The WIPCOOL P16 pump is designed to be mounted inside a protective tray. Ideally suited to systems located in places that require particularly comfortable conditions, such as a bedroom, living room or conference room, as WIPCOOL P16 guarantees not only high efficiency but also ensures extremely quiet operation.

The ultra-light design enables easy and trouble-free installation, and the safety switch increases the reliability of the device. The pump is an ideal solution, for example, in the discharge of condensate above the suspended ceiling.

The pump starts when the semiconductor sensor detects a high level of fluid. Unlike traditional models, it does not have a float, which minimizes the possibility of hanging.

The WIPCOOL P16 set includes a pump, a container, a signal cable connecting the container and the pump, 1.5 meters long with a RJ type plug, a hose with a diameter of 7 mm and also 1.5 m long, connecting the containers and the pump, a connection elbow with a diameter of 16 mm for the container power / connection cable 1.5 m long

Model P16 P32
Voltage 100 V – 230  ̴/ 50-60 Hz
Discharge Head (max.) 10 m (33 f)
Flow Rate (max.) 16l/h (4,2 GPH) 32 l/h (8,5 GPH)
Mini Splits up to 30 000 btu / h 45 000 btu / h
Sound Level at 1 m 19 dB (A) 21 dB (A)
Tank Capacity 35 ml
Ambient Temp 0 ° C ̴ 50 ° C
Safety Switch Volt-free alarm N.c. 230V – 3A Volt-free alarm N.c. 230V – 3A
Warranty 24 m
Type ceiling mounted under 3 KM ceiling mounted under 5 KM
Pump dimensions 126 x 47 x 53 mm
Tank dimensions 85 x 40 x 48,3 mm