r410a czynnik chłodniczy

Additional data:

  • Only legal refrigerant
  • Sealed valve guaranteeing the original composition
  • It has all the markings in line with EU directives
  • Returnable cylinder, reusable
r410a czynnik chłodniczy



R410a refrigerant is a mixture of HFCs. Can be used in some centrifugal compressors and low temperature applications due to the similar boiling point of all components. R410a has been developed for the new applications of R22.

Note! Compared to other refrigerants, R410a works at a much higher pressure, it cannot be used as a substitute for R22 installations. In systems designed for R410a, it is used in domestic and commercial air conditioning equipment, chillers for air conditioning of industrial buildings and industrial refrigeration.

Product characteristics
Net weight of the refrigerant individual determination
Refrigerant type homogeneous
Composition ammonia
% wag. 100
GWP (AR4) 0
ASHRAE security class B2L
Recommended oils consult with OEM