R32 czynnik chłodniczy

Additional data:

  • Only legal refrigerant
  • Sealed valve guaranteeing the original composition
  • It has all the markings in line with EU directives
  • Returnable cylinder, reusable
R32 czynnik chłodniczy



The R32 refrigerant has low GWP, its carbon footprint is lower than most of HFC gases. Popular applications for R32 are industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems for home and office. Due to the high operating pressure, it requires appropriate design solutions. It is used in AC installations designed for this refrigerant. Recognized as an effective refrigerant for low temperature applications. In addition, R32 can be used as a replacement for R410a in some applications.

Product characteristics
Net weight of the refrigerant 9 kg bottle / 730 kg tank
Refrigerant type homogeneous
Composition HFC32
% wag. 100
GWP (AR4) 675
ASHRAE security class A2L
Recommended oils POE