R134a czynnik chłodniczy

Additional data:

  • Only legal refrigerant
  • Sealed valve guaranteeing the original composition
  • It has all the markings in line with EU directives
  • Returnable cylinder, reusable
R134a czynnik chłodniczy



R134a refrigerant used for refrigeration and air conditioning applications in medium and high temperature refrigeration. Used in air-conditioning systems in residential buildings, domestic refrigeration devices, in commercial facilities (refrigerators, freezers, vending machines, refrigeration units for air conditioning of industrial buildings) and in refrigerated transport. R134a is also still used in the automotive industry, in older generation car air conditioning systems. R134a is a popular element in many HFC blends.

Product characteristics
Net weight of the refrigerant 12 kg bottle / 940 kg tank
Refrigerant type homogeneous
Composition HFC134a
 % wag. 100
GWP (AR4) 1430
ASHRAE security class A1
Recommended oils POE / PAG-Auto