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Floor bases / supports for heavy loads

Our bases/supports for heavy loads can support pipework and cable trays. Bases can be also used to mount air conditioning units, heat pumps or variety of other outdoor units.
In case of flat roof, base can also be used for solar thermal and solar photovoltaic installations. 

  • Available sizes : 450mm – 600mm – 1000mm.
  • Made from heavy duty recycled rubber. 
  • With drainage slots, at the bottom of the base.
  • With double balance bubble, for perfect adjustment and leveling.
  • Length according to the actual size, width 40 (mm) Height 28 (mm) aluminum strut is supplied bonded to the rubber.
  • Drain slots molded to the underside of the foot. 
Rubber Compression moulded using milled, sieved and graded recycled rubber, bound with high quality adhesive.
Density 1.0 kg /cm3
Alu Strut Length : See the table below – Width : 40mm – Height : 28mm


Length Width Height Length of strut Weight/set Max load (*) Box size
A 450 mm 160 mm 90 mm 408 mm 8.5 kg 400 kg 46x33.5x10 cm
B 600 mm 160 mm 90 mm 555 mm 12.5 kg 500 kg 61x33.5x10 cm
C 1000 mm 160 mm 90 mm 958 mm 20.5 kg 800 kg 101x33.5×10 cm

(*) The maximum load quoted in the above table is based on loads applied over the top surface and have been tested with a 4:1 safery ratio.

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Floor bases / supports for heavy loads
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