Fire extinguishing agents

“FK-5-1-12” is a new generation fire protection fluid (clear, colorless, almost odorless), used as GASEOUS FIRE SUPPRESSION agent in scenarios where water-based extinguishing of fires (for example, through fire sprinklers) would be impractical, or where it could damage expensive equipments or properties such as museums, historical archives, art objects, server rooms, data centers, banks, clean rooms, hospitals, marine/nautical, etc. It functions by rapidly removing heat in a few seconds, to extinguish a fire before it starts. It can be used in both total/partial/localized flooding systems and directional spray type applications. It is also used in portable extinguishers, for special applications.

  • UL listed
  • In compliance with REACH
  • ASHRAE # : FK-5-1-12
  • CAS # : 756-13-8
  • Other names : Perfluoro (2-methyl-3-pentanone)
  • Purity : >99.6%
  • Available in 250kgs (net weight) iron vertical drums
  • ODP : Zero – GWP : <1
  • Atmospheric lifetime : 2-3 weeks
  • NO F-Gas quota needed
  • NOT targeted for phase down
  • Leaves NO residue behind, electrically NON-conductive
  • Safe for people, saves spaces, minimal clean up
  • Fully substainable, with zero environmental impact
  • The best very long term solution after HFC125 and HFC227ea