Powietrzny zawór wywiewny VP 125(3)
Powietrzny zawór wywiewny VP 125(3)

Air valve
exhaust VP

Product characteristics

The exhaust air valve VP is intended for use in ventilation systems. Regulates the air supply by means of a rotating central disc. VP is made from polypropylene, durable plastic, resistant to high temperature (up to 100 ° C). The specially designed body of the exhaust valve guarantees a low noise level and at the same time improves air flow. The valve is easily disassembled for cleaning. Has variable air flow control. No leakage between valve body and mounting frame. For mounting in places with small spaces a clamping ring in is added.
Suitable for use in rooms with high air humidity (e.g. kitchen, bathroom)


Product parameters
Model VP  100 VP  125 VP  160 VP 200
Color white white white white
Diameter (mm) 100 125 160 200
Material plastic plastic plastic plastic
Outer diameter 148 168 186 240
Inner Diameter 87 106 130 178
Base diameter 80 100 118 171
Depth 50+ 20 50+ 20 50+ 20 50+ 20
Warranty 24 m 24 m 24 m 24 m

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