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Entalpia Europe supplies refrigerants exclusively only from legitimate sources. We possess ISO quality certification. All refrigerants meet stringent quality and safety standards. Our modern and fully safe refrigerants bottling plant is located in Sieradz.

Our laboratory equipped with modern, high-quality chromatograph is also located in Sieradz. The size of the cylinders and tanks is adapted to the individual Customer needs. We have a full range of properly labeled refillable cylinders and tanks and an unique packaging tracking system with repair history. We provide a range of refrigerants with a wide range of applications


Insulated copper tubes

The standard length of a copper refrigeration single coil tube is 25 m and a double coil tube 20 m. The standard thickness of the insulation produced in Poland is 9 mm. There are various variants of the tube diameter, insulation thickness as well as the length or tube finish (with or without nuts). If needed we can also customize insulated cooper tube according to specific Customer requirements.

For other variants available, see the detailed tube description by selecting a specific product from the menu. Alternatively, you can also contact one of our regional representatives who will provide detailed answers to any questions regarding Entalpia Europe products.

Ventilation & Accessories

Proven high-quality components of the ventilation accessories, including flexible hoses, fittings, valves, diffusers, intakes, ejectors, clamps, inspection hatches and other ventilation systems components.

Air conditioning & Accessories

A broad range of high quality products including brackets, WIPCOOL condensate pumps, drain hose, vibration isolators and others.




Comprehensive solutions for the HVAC-R industry

Entalpia Europe has shared its knowledge and experience with its Customers since 2016. We have Sales Office in Warsaw and a production plant in Sieradz.

In 2018 Entalpia Europe obtained the ISO certificate. The company operates throughout Europe and in selected regions of the world. We have subsidiaries In Russia and Italy. In UK and other European countries we cooperates with dynamically operating Distributors.

In Sieradz, Entalpia Europe has its own refrigerants filling plant, the production of pre-insulated, copper cooling tubes with PE isolation, as well as flexible tunnels and fittings. In addition, the company provides SKYWORTH A/C units and air conditioning and ventilation accessories. Updates to the offer and news about our product launch we communicate via social media, at Linkedin and Facebook profiles.


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