Insulated copper tubes with PE cover

Entalpia Europe produces and distributes high-quality PE-coated copper refrigeration tubes dedicated to the HVAC industry. Our products are designed for use in split air conditioning systems, VRF systems and refrigeration installations & systems. Our goal is to facilitate the work of the installer while maintaining the highest safety standards and aesthetics of the system.

Phosphorus deoxidized copper tubes Cu-DHP 99.9% (CW024A) in R220 material condition (annealed), internally smoothed and end-protected. Maximum silver content 0.015%. Phosphorus content: min. 0.015% – max 0.04%. They have dimensions and features in accordance with PN-EN12735-1

The copper transport tube is offered in high quality PE insulation. It is a polyethylene foam designed for thermal insulation, among others equipment for buildings and industrial installations. Dimensional tolerances in accordance with EN14313: 2009 + A1: 2013 are maintained. Our products do not change their thermal conductivity over time, which means that their performance properties of the reaction-to-fire of the products is constantly high and guarantees the safety of use for years.

Pre-insulated copper tubes with PE intended for refrigerant transport in air-conditioning systems are a perfect solution for Distributors and Installers. Our pipes are prepared for trouble-free assembly right from the production stage with full care and repeatability of the quality of the assembly.

Entalpia Europe is your reliable supplier. Our product is appreciated by leading Distributors and Customers of the industrial sector. Cooling tubes with PE cover are characterized by high quality, it is possible thanks to production in Poland and supervision at every stage. The quality is confirmed by a certificate, a declaration of conformity, and the product is both in compliance with the European flammability standard and UV-resistant standard.

We have a wide production capacity, we are able to produce and deliver to customers any size ranging from “¼” to ”⅞”. The insulation is made in Poland from an innovative blend of polymers, withstands temperatures up to +90 ° C. Polyethylene foam is produced without hazardous gases (CFC and HCFC) in accordance with EU regulation No. 237/2000 and Directive 2011/65 / EU (RoHS), the coating perfectly adheres to the copper tube, ensuring high anti-condensation efficiency. We also guarantee perfect cleanliness of the inside of the copper tube.

The standard length of a copper coil, a single refrigeration tube is 25 m and a double cooling tube is 20 m. The standard thickness of the insulation produced in Poland is 9 mm. There are various variants of the tube diameter, insulation thickness as well as the length or method of tube end finish (with or without nuts). It is possible to personalize the tube to specific Customer requirements. Foe other variants available, see the detailed tube description by selecting a specific product from the menu. Alternatively, you can also contact one of our regional representatives who will provide detailed answers to any questions regarding Entalpia Europe products.

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