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Air conditioning and accessories

Entalpia Europe is a producer and distributor of solutions for the HVAC industry. We offer a wide range of high quality products that facilitate the work of the installer and at the same time ensure reliability and comfort of use for Customers for many years to come.

We offer brackets in two different variants, we especially recommend a set containing a horizontal crossbar with a precision level to facilitate trouble-free installation of the outdoor unit. In addition, accessories such as drain pumps, condensate drain pipes and high quality vibration isolators.

Our offer includes both our own products manufactured in the plant in Sieradz and brands of which we are the exclusive distributor in Poland, including WIPCOOL condensate pumps.

Our kits dedicated to installation of air conditioners deserve special attention. The set offered by Entalpia Europe contains a set of essential components including: a copper pipe with nuts in a PE-coated tubing produced in Poland from high-quality components, a 4-wire electric cable, a drain hose, a bracket for mounting the air conditioner and a PVC wall transition. The sets are available in different variants depending on the length and diameter of the tube dedicated to the individual cooling capacity of the air conditioner and additional elements.

Our products