Entalpia Europe

Entalpia Europe has shared its knowledge and experience with its Customers since 2016. The company’s main sales office is located in Poland, in the center of Warsaw, at the LIM office complex of the Warsaw Marriott Hotel. Entalpia Europe, warehouse, production, logistics and human resources department are located in Sieradz. In 2018, Entalpia obtained an ISO certificate.
In Italy, Scandinavia, Germany, Greece and other European countries, the Company has numerous business partners and dynamically operating Distributors.

As a leader for HVAC-R industry solutions, Entalpia Europe provides refrigerants, air conditioners and assembly accessories for air conditioning systems as well as ventilation accessories, including proven elements of ventilation systems, e.g. valves, diffusers, assembly accessories, flexible duct and fittings manufactured in Poland. One of Entalpia Europe flagship products are pre-insulated, copper cooling tubes supplied to leading Distributors and industrial recipients of the sector.

It is worth mentioning that Entalpia Europe’s business roots in the HVAC industry date back to 1997, thanks to the NINHUA GROUP CO., LTD company and since 2002 the ICOOL brand, highly specialized in the HVAC-R industry, with particular emphasis on refrigerants, and the production of components for systems air conditioning and ventilation.

Entalpia Europe is one of the fastest growing companies in the entire ICOOL Group with its headquarters in Poland and its own branches all over the world. The Entalpia Europe product range is constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of the domestic and commercial ventilation industry.

At the same time, the Company continues to expand its business with new products and brands available in the company’s portfolio. We inform about the latest developments, new products that has been introduced to Entalpia Europe offer successively at the company blog and social media.

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The Entalpia Europe values


The basis of Entalpia Europe’s operations are reliable and repeatedly proven solutions. Thanks to our best practices Company provides its business partners with the highest quality goods that meet customer expectations and the latest European standards.


High quality of offered goods and service. Concern for the good of business partners, customers, the community and the natural environment make Entalpia Europe a responsible partner. The trust we built has results in everyday work with numerous satisfied Customers both in Poland and throughout Europe.


As part of an international group, we use global solutions and take part in international projects. We cooperate with representatives from Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, Greece, China and other countries, sharing the best practices.

Care for the natural environment

Entalpia Europe is a modern bottling plant with a proprietary process of pumping the agent that eliminates the loss of raw material almost to zero. This method is not only economical but also environmentally friendly. Over the years of its activity, the company has introduced numerous innovative solutions related to the bottling of refrigerants in the liquid and gas phase while maintaining their desired quality.

Most European bottling plants allow some process losses, which cause some of the refrigerant to evaporate or become trapped in the tank. In the project conducted by the Entalpia Europe Production Team, a method of transferring refrigerants was developed that maximizes refrigerant recovery, eliminating the loss of raw material almost to zero.

In addition, Entalpia Europe in its activities supports the policy of greenhouse gas reduction through the use of processes reducing the emission of refrigerants with high GWP as well as introducing to the market and promoting modern refrigerants with low GWP.

Only legal refrigerant

Enthalpy Europe is absolutely committed to ensuring the legality of the raw material. With the biggest diligent in complying with the quota rules in the European Union. The Entalpia has a unique worldwide monitoring system for circulating cylinders. This system allows to track each single cylinder, along with its history of filling and possible repairs, and to meet the strict requirements of the F-gas Directive.

In the second half of 2020, Entalpia Europe was one of the first companies involved in the EFCTC initiative, legal cooling.EU/pledge promoting the acquisition and trading of gases from purely legal sources. #SayNoToIllegalHFCs is an exceptionally valued Entalpia Europe initiative, which has been operating since the beginning of the company’s existence on the market

#SayNoToIllegalHFCs is an exceptionally valued initiative of Entalpia Europe, which from the start of its existence in the market operates exclusively on refrigerants from legal sources, ensures quality and high safety standards.

A modern refrigerants bottling plant

Enthalpy Europe has a wide range of refrigerants available in air-conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumps, household appliances and other industries, insulation materials and automotive industries. It has a wide range of refrigerants including R134a, R410a, R404a, R407C, R507, R1234YF, R123ZE, R32, R152a, R407F, R448a, R449a, R290, R600a and more. Entalpia Europe has the ability to adjust the size of the cylinder to the individual needs of the Customer.

Enthalpy Europe specialized in the treatment of refrigerants on a very large scale. It is certified to operate on the largest isotanks. The Entalpia is in forefront of European cooling refrigerant bottlers in terms of the quantity of the refrigerants and the development stage of the process they use. The bottler plant is able to process almost 100 tons of raw material.

The company has its own laboratory for the chemical composition of refrigerants, based on the comparative method, equipped with a modern chromatograph. Entalpia Europe’s solution ensures the highest quality and safety of the process and offers products in the highest and reproducible quality.

The method used not only improves the process economy but also contributes significantly to the protection of the environment.

Cooling copper tube in PE-cover produced in Poland

Entalpia Europe also has a product of exceptional quality in refrigeration – a pre-insulated tube for refrigeration applications.

Entalpia Europe’s significant advantage, over the offer of other companies on the market, is that, unlike most companies supplying refrigeration copper, insulated coated polyethylene foam imported from Asia, Entalpia Europe produces insulation cover locally in Poland.

Insulated Cooling copper tube supplied by Entalpia Europe is a product which consists of a copper tube and an insolation produced at the Polish manufacturer’s facilities. The product meets the highest standards of flammability and UV performance. High quality and excellent performance were achieved thanks to 100% control of production in facilities located in Poland.

Entalpia Europe supports the Polish labor market while at the same time ensuring the highest production standards.